Notes from a Lawrence, Kansas Realtor
Running a Business From a Home in Lawrence

House For Sale in Lawrence, KSI’ve been in Real Estate for 10 years now and I still learn something new every day. I recently had a client inquire about commercial property. They want something they can both live in as a residence, as well as use commercially to conduct their law business. I called the Lawrence, KS Planning Department to inquire about the option of running a business out of a residential home. What I learned was home businesses are allowed, with some limitation. A home business in Douglas County and in the City of Lawrence cannot have more than one employee and not more than 10 customer visits per day. My client asked if they could hang a sign advertising their business location. I was told by Dan at the planning department that a 2 foot square sign is allowed and must be placed within 10 feet of the building entrance on a door, wall or window of the building. Because my client was initially looking only for commercial real estate previously, this opened up so many other real estate possibilities and I think we’ll easily find something suited to their needs. A permit is required in order to conduct this business, and can be applied for with the City of Lawrence. The phone number to call for this application is 785-832-5150. 

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